The Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Study of Reflexivities (LIER, Laboratoire interdisciplinaire d’études sur les réflexivités) is a research group founded in 2013. It is part of the Marcel Mauss Institute (EHESS/CNRS, UMR 8178). LIER currently consists of around twenty statutory researchers, research associates, and postdoctoral researchers, as well as around twenty PhD students. LIER members are affiliated to social science (sociology, political science, anthropology) and philosophy.
This composition reflects LIER’s scientific project: forging a new alliance between social science and philosophy by studying the social forms of reflexivity, which have emerged with the advent of modernity as a condition of both the practice of these disciplines and society’s political relation to itself.
Thus, LIER’s program aims to analyze: from a sociological perspective, how individuals, institutions, and societies face the challenge of producing reflexive knowledge; from a philosophical perspective, how this reflexivity – which has entailed fully appreciating the socio-historical nature of humanity – has fundamentally transformed the philosophical method.

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Call for abstract : Financialization and development policies : Critical perspectives on new financial circuits for international development projects

Appel recherche - Mardi 06 mars 2018 - 17:00Call for abstract for an academic conference on financialization and international development in Hamburg, Germany.Financialization and development policies : Critical perspectives on new financial circuits for international development projects.A conf (...)(...)

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Camilo León-Quijano a remporté la quatrième édition du prix du diaporama sonore

Prix et distinctions -Doctorant en sociologie à l’EHESS, Camilo León-Quijano a remporté le prix du diaporama sonore 2017 avec son travail consacré à des adolescentes joueuses de rugby à Sarcelles. Le prix est décerné par Diapéro, Libération et Fisheye Magazine. Le diaporama sonore est consultabl (...)(...)

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Health, Reproduction and Sexuality: Neoliberal-Authoritarian Modes of Governing the Woman’s Body in Turkey

Appel à communication - Mercredi 06 décembre 2017 - 20:00Neoliberalism has been hegemonic for the last three decades in many parts of the world, with its consequences of dismantling of welfare states, imposition of austerity measures, restructuring of health systems, and rising conservatism and (...)(...)

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